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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

random thought

If terrorism can be defined as the commission of a crime to further a political goal, then George W. Bush is a terrorist.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Dream fragment - 06/23/2006

I was getting into doing this a few weeks back, but I quickly got out of the habit. Here's what I can remember from last night/this morning:

My boyfriend & I are in the back yard of my dad's previous house. We have a 5-qt pot of steamed brown rice, topped off with steamed Nantes carrots with their tops still attached. We enter the sliding glass door into the dining room. Somehow the pot ends up in my father's hands. He puts the pot out with both arms, away from his body, as if he were expecting me to take it from him, and he lets it drop to the floor. All of the rice has ended up on the floor and door mat. I see that there are only a few grains of rice still inside, clinging to the nonstick surface of the pot. My dad says the rice is salvageable, but I am upset because it is brown rice and will take 45 minutes to cook.

The triumphant return of the Friday random ten

I've enjoyed doing this particular blog meme because it gets me to look at my music collection, and it also gives me a challenge: at least one song released within the past two years needs to show up, or I am officially Old. I quit doing this because I ran out of space on my d drive. Since my computer has been acting up, though, Jesus & I figured we should back it up, so we got an external hard drive with 250 gigs of ram to facilitate transferring our cd collection to the iPod. I haven't resumed the profligate downloading from days past, however, because even though that sounds like a lot of memory, I know there will come a day when it still won't be enough. Does anyone remember when we had to make do with ... was it 256K of memory? Here's what's rocking Sister Nancy Beth's world for this Friday evening:

King Me - Palace Brothers
Greater Windmill Street Blues - Cakekitchen
I.O.U. (Nought) - The Ex
Am I Right? - Erasure
Le Freak - Chic
Big Gorilla Man - Gladys Bentley
Hate - Cat Power
Big White Cloud - John Cale
Faith - Sex Clark Five
Ching Soortukchulerining Yryzy (Song Of The Caravan Drivers) - Huun-Huur-Tu

I notice from my Sitemeter statistics that I get a smattering of hits from the Southeast every time a Sex Clark Five is posted, so I say this to those visitors: If you were in the band, YOU GUYS ROCK!!! I bought the Beehive Rebellion reissue of Strum & Drum about 1o years ago, and it has sweetened many a morning's commute to downtown LA.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Dream fragment: 06/10/06

I am at my mother's house, in my former bedroom. The bed is on the opposite side of the room from where it was when I lived there, but the stereo is in the same place. On the floor in front of it is an empty jewel case for Faust IV. I am looking on the floor for a pair of swimming trunks to wear, but the elastic waistbands have been stretched out in all of them. I go into the back yard. A storm window has replaced the dilapidated screen door on the side door to the garage. Behind the fence is a stash of new and still shrinkwrapped vinyl lps that an online merchant is storing at my mother's. I flip through them and wish I had enough money to buy them.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Dream fragment: 06/09/06

One of my intentions with the Nancy After Dark blog is to keep a running journal of my dreams -- truly Nancy After Dark. I once attended a workshop run by Radical Faeries co-founder Don Kilhefner, and while I may not have cottoned on to all the shamanic mumbo-jumbo being presented, it was certainly an experience that massaged me into being more receptive to theories of consciousness and community that I would have previously dismissed out of the purest of cynicism. Keeping a dream journal was one of Kilhefner's recommendations, an endeavor that lasted for me all of four days. Remembering them in the morning was hard enough, but writing them down seemed absolutely herculean. So, in an attempt to get in the groove, I hereby present last night's dream, or what little bit I was able to recall:

I am standing erect and my head is turned over my shoulder. I am staring into a mirror and looking at my naked backside. On one buttock is something that looks like a combination tattoo, port wine stain, and anatomical cutaway drawing. The arteries have been either drawn on or exposed, and layers of muscle are visible.

Sorry, that's all I remember. Keep in mind that this is my first attempt at doing this in a while.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Paging Heloise

Just passing along this serendipitous discovery. Sheer sloth forced me to leave a bag of Feline Pine cat litter (the kind made out of compressed sawdust) in the Praisemobile for a couple of days, and the musty odor that I've been contending with for three years (ever since I accidentally left a window cracked during a rainstorm) is gone. My theory is that the pine absorbed whatever moisture was in the car that was allowing the bacteria(?) to persist. Sometimes laziness is the mother of invention.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Friday random ten - Sista Nancy bringz tha Rawk!!!

Well, not quite:

Remapping - Pan*American
Sygyt: Lament Of The Igil - Huun-Huur-Tu
X - Bailterspace
Charms And The Girl - Dentists
La La La Song - Low
Sentimental Journey - Esquivel
Today - Jefferson Airplane
Each Dream Is An Example - Gastr Del Sol
It Ain't Fair - Aretha Franklin
Jennifer - Faust

Thursday, June 01, 2006

another democratizing aspect of blogging...

... is that now millions of people can experience writer's block, whereas before it was the exclusive province of an elite few.